[Wine] Re: DLLs not found if set to native only (vcrun2010)

Manu311 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Nov 13 22:21:10 CST 2010

Usurp wrote:
> According to line 1474 of your log, you seem to have copied one of Wine's fake dlls into your application directory -
> please remove that file.
> Code:
> trace:module:load_dll L"Z:\\mnt\\E\\Black Prophecy Client BETA\\BIN\\WIN32\\MSVCR100.dll" is a fake Wine dll
Give me a corner, I'll stay in it for a while -.-.
Actually it wasn't a fakedll, but the one which was installed by vcrun2010, which I copied there because wine didn't found the correct file.
After removing it, the error disapeard while the game tells me I have no dx (ofc, not installed on clean wine).

Anyways, problem solved ....
Thanks alot for all your work and my apologies for my mistake.

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