[Wine] Re: Application is listen to UDP port but no output

drunkenchicken wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Nov 14 15:00:05 CST 2010

Thanks vitamin for reply.
I changed in /etc/hosts the 2nd line to 

Code: fusion

but the same as before, even the debug output of wine.

I checked also the debug output of an working udp programm.
The output looks similar, but i see different socket numbers, pointer adresses. I don't know where this parameters came from, this maybe helps to find a solution. 


trace:winsock:WS_bind socket 0060, ptr 0x32e910 { family AF_INET, address, port 9871 }, length 16
trace:winsock:_remap_optname level=65535, optname=32
trace:winsock:WS_setsockopt socket: 0060, level 0xffff, name 0x20, ptr 0x32e968, len 4
trace:winsock:WSAAsyncSelect 60, hWnd 0x100a6, uMsg 00000d10, event 0000003f
trace:winsock:WS_gethostbyname "fusion" ret 0x17dd98
trace:winsock:WS_getsockname socket: 0060, ptr 0x32ea28, len       10
trace:winsock:WS2_sendto socket 0060, wsabuf 0x32e818, nbufs 1, flags 0, to 0x32e884, tolen 16, ovl (nil), func (nil)
trace:winsock:WS2_sendto fd=18, options=0

I should spend more time with the wine manual.
Lets see how many time i will have in the comming week.

Thanks for your time

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