[Wine] Re: Cannot switch between excel files

prasadpkamath wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Nov 15 08:49:04 CST 2010

Hi dimesio, please find my response below:

dimesio wrote:
> If you view them side by side, you should just be able to switch focus just by clicking on a cell in the workbook.

In my case, all workbooks open in a single excel container. If I resize the container and open a new excel, it opens in the same container, not a new one.

The only option left is to resize the workbook within the container. Then I get both excels side by side but it reduces the screen area and makes it cumbersome to scroll each time!

> If you have them fill the workspace, you should be able to switch with View=>Switch Windows.

I have tried opening excels in different workspaces but the problem persists.

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