[Wine] Re: Cannot switch between excel files

prasadpkamath wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Nov 16 06:00:25 CST 2010

Hi dimesio, kindly note my responses below:

dimesio wrote:
> That's how Excel 2007 works in Windows, too. 

Perhaps yes, but in Windows, when I click an excel file in the taskbar it comes to the fore. Or I can use Alt+Tab to switch between them. However, clicking on an excel file here does not show this behaviour. Alt+Tab too, does not work on excel.

dimesio wrote:
> Use Synchronous Scrolling (on the View tab).
> Have you tried View=>Switch Windows?

I never knew these options in excel! Yes, this does bring respite. At least I am able to switch between files now! The synch scroll is also good, but not satisfactory (never was even in Win). Anyways, at least I have got a solution to the switching problem. Thanks!

I do look forward to having the taskbar and Alt+Tab switching working on excels in future

Thanks dimesio! Problem solved for now.

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