[Wine] Office 2007: can't run vb code from Access (and Excel)

Francois wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Nov 16 08:00:55 CST 2010

My config:

Debian squeeze
Linux 2.6.32-5-686
Dell Latitude E4300
Wine version 1-1-42

I have setup MS-Office 2007 without problem

Winecfg gives for the libraries
*gdiplus (native)
*msvcr80 (native, intégrée)
*msxml3, 4, 6 (native, intégrée)
*odbc32 (native, intégrée)
odbccp32 (native, intégrée)
riched20 (native, intégrée)
odbc32 (native, intégrée)
riched20 (native, intégrée)
usp10 (native, intégrée)

My problem is that I can't open existing modules in MS-Access. Nor can I access code in an existing form when open in creation.

In Excell Macro have error on ligne that work when run on XP.
For example 

If Not Intersect(ActiveSheet.Range("A18:A41"), ActiveCell) Is Nothing Then

Thanks for any suggestions


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