[Wine] Re: Very low FPS in Wine/Ubuntu vs WindowsXP

M60HAKAN wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Nov 16 17:27:13 CST 2010

Thanks but that's too much of a developers challenge to me. I thought there might be a simple solution that I missed. I can live with the fact that you will not get exactly the same performance in Linux/Wine that you have in XP. But the difference is to high for me (as a regular "user") so I will (reluctantly) keep Microsoft for now. Hopefully the next version of Wine (if thats my problem) will be even better and/or the next Nvidia driver (if that's the problem) for Linux will be better.

If I can contribute in any way in the development just tell me what to do (in details since I'm not IT-technician or "Linux-nerd") just let me know.

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