[Wine] n00b, how to uninstall wine completely and reinstall, Ubuntu.

Bryan Baldwin bryan at katofiad.co.nz
Wed Nov 17 18:18:05 CST 2010

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On 11/18/2010 07:19 AM, jotto wrote:
> I installed wine on my desktop running ubuntu 10.04. All was working fine until I installed battlefield 1942. I had an issue so decided to uninstall wine and try again.
> When I reinstalled wine, I get no Programs item in the menu. I can browse to the folder when browsing the c drive.
> I started to uninstall BF1942 to try again and had a power cut during the process.
> Is there any way to completely remove wine and all its files and foilders so I can start again?
> Thanks in advance from a complete n00b!

Hi jotto,

If you have more then one Windows program you like to use with WINE, you
can install them in separate locations, thus isolating them from the
effects and problems you have with other Windows programs you've installed.

The $HOME/.wine directory is the default location where your programs
will be installed unless you specify another location with the
$WINEPREFIX environment variable. Thus executing the program's installer
like so,

shell> WINEPREFIX=$HOME/myprogram wine Setup.exe

with cause all the folders and files for your installation to be
deposited in the folder called "myprogram" under your home folder. If
you look at the properties of the launcher in your GNU+Linux system
menu, you will even notice that the WINEPREFIX has been included

This way, if you have 10 Windows programs you like, and you don't want
one of them to bork the remaining 9, installing each of them into
separate prefixes will allow you to isolate them from each other. The
way I do it is to create a folder called "wine" in my home folder, and
then make prefixes under that, like so:


WINE also automatically creates the extra folders you name in your
prefix if they don't exist to begin with.

Please note, uninstalling WINE and reinstalling it at the same verison
with the same package provided by your distribution isn't going to have
any effect on your system. Any changes that might occur will probably
come from your distribution's package manager. Otherwise, all you are
doing is deleting and then reinstituting the same exact files. Deleting
the entire prefix folder for a particular program, and then reinstalling
it in a fresh prefix will at least reset the filesystem and registry
within that prefix.

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