[Wine] Re: running proEngineer with wine?

Mitch Tolson wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Nov 18 00:39:26 CST 2010

Hopefully this information can help...

To launch proe, you don't need to execute that *.bat.

Yes, that bat helps build enviornment, however when trouble shooting work from a minimalist perspective. Start with a simple bat that calls for <loadpoint>/bin/proe1.exe and <loadpoint>/bin/proe1.psf - they need to be called in the same line within the bat file.


@echo off
"E:\Applications\proeWildfire 4.0\bin\proe.exe" "E:\Applications\proeWildfire 4.0\bin\proe1.psf" %*

next, you'll want to ensure your *psf is setup correctly. Look within the file and locate:



You'll want to set this to the path of either your license server or your node locked license. If to the server, remember to add <severname<@port#

How can you tell if ProE is failing to launch due to not properly reading your PSF? If nothing happens, look at the resources. On a windows xp 32 bit machin, xtop resources will reach about 72k and then quit.

I hope this helps a little more.

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