[Wine] Re: How to specify a working directory for an app

3tips wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Nov 19 07:26:38 CST 2010

Thanks for the reply oiaohm. As far as the path issues, I've tried everything.

The game actually launches, displays the login screen, and lets me log in. After that, it needs to read a file that contains the graphics. And here is where it is crashing. It can't find the file that is in the same directory as the exe that I'm running.

And it is not a resource conflict. The game crashes even if I only run 1 copy like this. Something is just going stupid with setting the working directory.

BTW, I have also tried putting the game folder in the Program Files directory under the .wine, but no good that way either. The game doesn't install, you just download a .zip and extract and run. 

Mercadia (http://www.mercadia.net/) <- link to the game. It is small and you can extract it anywhere to test. Like I said, no installation is needed.

I'll keep trying but I have little faith in solving this myself.

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