[Wine] Re: Ubuntu 10.10, Wine 1.3.7 and Enable virtual desktop default

zzarko wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Nov 22 01:13:56 CST 2010

dimesio wrote:
> Turn it off globally and enable it individually for the apps you want in a virtual desktop.

I know I can do that (maybe I was unclear in my first post), but I wanted the other way around, to enable it globally, and to turn it off if needed. The reason is that I want to test a lot of windows small games (do they run OK or not), and almost all of them first go to fullscreen and change the resolution, which often results in permanently changed resolution or game freezing (and then logoff/logon or restart). I still have some win programs that I often use (one of them is Subtitle Workshop, as I still didn't found a Linux program that can remove hearing impared lines from subtitles and fix common OCR errors) and I want them to be in managed desktop, as they are running fine that way.

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