[Wine] Intellicad lisp fail using wine

abaker wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Nov 22 15:57:49 CST 2010

I have wine 1.2.1 and ubuntu 10.10 32 bit

I have installed Intellicad using wine and it runs perfectly except for
some of the lisp routines that I try to load. On my windows XP system,
the lisp routines run perfectly, so I know they are ok. Specifically,
when I manually type ( + 1 2 ) in the Intellicad command line, I get this error:

error: bad function
( 0 1 2 )

also, I get the same error when I try to do a subtract.

What is strange is that multiply and divide work ok. Example:
( * 3 4 )

I wonder if this is a bug in wine, or a catch put into the Intellicad pgm
to prevent autolisp routines from running. Many of the routines will load and run, but not the ones with addition and subtraction.
I have noticed a few other things, like being able to save dxf ok, not dwg.

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