[Wine] Re: Process to get games working better?

DanKegel wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Nov 23 06:28:22 CST 2010

painkiller has a known bug, see the list in its appdb page


Sometimes there are hints in some of the test reports; at least
with a very old version of wine, the third test report there says
using winecfg to disable pixel shaders may help.

But in general, the procedure is:

1) use latest wine-1.3.x

2) try several freely downloadable game demos that are rated
platinum.  (Say, World of Goo.)
At least some of them should work for you.  Once you have a 
few of those running, you can branch out to more demanding games.
(Try using wisotool to find and install downloadable games; most
of the games it knows how to download work.)

3) Try the game first in a new wineprefix with no kludges. 
If you run into a problem with a game, read its appdb page 
for ideas.  Many of the tips there are outdated, so don't apply them
before trying the game with no kludges.

4) many games expose ati or nvidia driver bugs, so you may want to
get an nvidia graphics card (like a gt240)

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