[Wine] Geometer's Sketchpad 5.01 Doesn't Display Pictures

willjzuke wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Nov 25 10:02:02 CST 2010

Geometer's Sketchpad 4.07 works flawlessly in the wine environments I've tested.  The newer version 5.01, however, will not allow cut/paste or even displaying of any type of image file.  I thought it may have been that I was using Puppy Linux and a demo version of 5.01 or an issue with java.  But I have purchased a license and tested GSP 5.01 on Ubuntu and am still having an issue.

Here is a link to a test file:


The gsp file displays its embedded image in 4.07 but not in 5.01.  If you ctl+A the edges of the embedded picture are highlighted but it is not visible or editable.

Here is a link to the download page for the GSP 5.01 demo:


I've tested Geometer's Sketchpad 4.07 and 5.01 on systems with:

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

Puppy Linux 5.1.1

I have not tried any of the following:

- Library or DLL Overrides in winecfg
- Non-default registry settings
- used the winetricks script

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