[Wine] Re: Swiss Manager

BlindTiger wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Nov 25 17:00:32 CST 2010

Thanks for your precious help in this topic DaVince. But let me enlighten you on some issues:

First: i never bashed Linux. But the reason it can't seem to take off is this right here. Problems arise and the average user can't seem to solve them and gets back to windows. This is just the reality. I've seen it happen many times and i'm beggining to suspect it's going to happen to me. Comments like yours are just a big push to doing so.

Second: Swiss Manager is not a chess player. It's a tournament managing program used and approved by FIDE (world wide authority on chess) and, for that, i can't replace it for another one to manage my tournaments. 

Third: my body of knowledge has nothing to do with computers so,when i can't solve a problem in this subject i ask for help. This was, i thought, the appropriate place for doing so. It's a Wine forum with a thread on the program in question. With there being no answer whatsoever to my cry for help i left the only solution i could find to another user who would come up with the same problem (i.e. get back to windows, wine has no answer for you).

Fourth: in the meantime dimesio has answered and helped me. So i stand corrected in thinking no one would help me and here i am trying to get help and trying to help myself also. And perhaps the solving of my problem can help wine as well, who knows. 

So, DaVince, many thanks for your help but the problem persists and Linux did not gain any more users because of your words. In fact, i'd recommend that you find something more useful to do with your time than to browse this forum just looking for someone to annoy instead of contributing.

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