[Wine] What antivirus program is the best for a computer?

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Thu Nov 25 20:45:31 CST 2010

> I think you are talking about spyware that is brought into the browser?

You may be right. I would expect most of the stuff is IE related or
websites that trick users to install some executable.

> There are many types of malware.  Viruses and Trojan Horses are two of them.
>  Can you specify what type of malware you are talking about?

When trying to disinfect windows machines typically windows XP based I
see a lot of rootkits and other malware that ClamWin and other
antivirus only products do not detect at all. I believe this is mainly
because the applications do not spread by embedding themselves to
other executables but more by tricking the user, or system to install.
I also see malware that is designed to defeat symantec and other
antivirus software opening up the entire system to many other
infections. A lot of this is however caused by the user. In the nearly
20 years I have used windows I have never infected my pc with a single
virus. However I know people that have to run multiple protections and
still can't keep from getting their systems infected. Lucky for them I
am available to clear up the mess...


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