[Wine] Wine nominated as best open source

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Fri Nov 26 08:22:31 CST 2010

On 11/26/10 2:23 AM, redcom wrote:
> You can donate money, time, hardware... I think all donations are good news. In fact, many open source developments are maintained thanks to these small donations.
> what about people who offer 1 hour per day of their time for developing?? Is it not helpful? Microsoft has a lot of developers who spend much more hours... but it really matters? I think it has nothing to do, can't be compared.
I think we have diverged from the original message.  The comment was 
that the OpenSource contest provides the 'Winner' with Euro300.  That 
will not go far for developing but just might pay for one or two folks 
to come to WineConf when it is held in Europe.  Great use for these 
funds as well as what happens to most of the monetary donations.  I 
would ask Ge if he can use another system or two.  Maybe setting up a 
secondary testbot in the US/Asia with a sync function to the primary 
testbot in the background to keep job statuses consistent.  I don't have 
the resources to host such a system, but if we 'buy' systems that will 
do this, this should help.

And yes, there is nothing close to what Wine does.  Virtual systems are 
great, but you have to own the original software to use them.

James McKenzie

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