[Wine] Wine doesn't have direct3d9?

arikshtiv wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Nov 26 12:20:21 CST 2010

Where ever I go everyone says wine has it's own implementation of direct 3d, but when I try to run an application(Heroes of might and magic V in my case) it says it can't initialize direct3d9.
On the winehq page it says it should run fine, only with a few minor problems.

And according to this page wine should output debug data whenever a direct3d app starts direct3d

But I get no wgl output meaning that I probably don't have direct3d.

I have tried running the game on a clean wine dir, on a clean wine dir with micr*soft direct3d installed, and neither worked.
So am I doing something wrong or is this application and all apps that run direct3d9 are garbage?


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