[Wine] Re: problem installing utorrent on 64bit linux

raginaot wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Nov 26 15:22:37 CST 2010

Raffhell wrote:
> Strange...utorrent usually works perfect on wine.... 
> what version of utorrent do you use? and what version of wine?
> On my pc - ubuntu amd x64 - (wine 1.3.7 and utorrent 2.0.4) works almost perfect (only drag n' drog doesn't but it's obvious)

Wine 1.3.7 and I was trying to run utorrent 2.2, but I found a download link for uTorrent 2.04 and it's working.
So all good now. thx

one other thing I was wondering about.
I see wine emulates the windows style pathames, with drive letters and back slashes.
Is there any way to customize this?

Like if I wan't to make /media/part2 (one of my storage drives) read as drive F:\ in wine so I can import the resume dat from my windows installation and keep seeding without having to change all the paths manually.

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