ernesto wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Nov 27 07:48:02 CST 2010

I'm getting a very confusing error in a bunch of different games:

> err:d3d:swapchain_blit >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> GL_INVALID_OPERATION (0x502) from Swapchain present blit(EXT_framebuffer_blit) 

I'm getting it in 64 Bit Arch using 1.3 and in Ubuntu using 1.2. I say this is confusing because the AppDB says these applications are supposed to work, and in one case (Sins of a Solar Empire) I know for a fact it used to work because I played it regularly.

Other games continue to function properly, and I have my graphics drivers setup properly. (Nvidia 9800GT w/ 260.19.06)

I have no idea what the issue could be. The only major difference between my old and new OS installations is I've switched to the 64bit versions since getting 4GB of RAM. 

Does Wine on 64bit sometimes behave differently than Wine on 32?

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