[Wine] Mint KDE 9: Wine problem with MS Office

alquimista wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Nov 27 15:35:22 CST 2010


I have the following problems with Wine on Mint 9 KDE:

1.- When I want to install MS Office 2003 from CD, I execute the "Uninstall programs" utility of Wine, and the CD Unit cannot be detected; it happens even when I run the Wine config to detect the CD device, it finds it but when going back to Install programs, the drive letter is not there.

2. I then ran the setup.exe program directly from Dolphin; it performs the installation ok. The problem comes when opening an office file from Dolphin: when I click "Open with...", there are 2 icons for MS Word: one with a wine glass icon, and one with a question mark icon. When I open the word file with the wine glass program, it opens Word with an empty document; its not opening the one I selected in the file manager. When I open the file with the MS Word that has the question mark icon, it opens the doc file correctly. On Excel files, Excel opens ok with the selected excel file.

3.- On the App Launcher menu, under Wine, I see 2 Programs folders were created (duplicated); one contains MS Office apps, the other contains just accessories.

4.- In Dolphin, when I want to associate the word documents to be opened with MS Word, only the MS Word with Wine Glass icon appears, and that is the one that has problems.

How to fix this?

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