[Wine] Install all dlls in a simple way

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Sat Nov 27 17:40:32 CST 2010

> well, what should I do to activate all libraries? some software require specific libraries but I don't know that so I would activate all of them.

They are all activated by default. And NO you do not want to just
throw a bunch of your microsoft dlls you copied from some windows
machine to your wine system32 that will just make more things break.
If you do not know what if any winetrick to install consult
appdb.winehq.org for your specific application or start a new thread
for each application you are having problems with. Be sure to run the
application from the terminal if you want assistance. Clicking on an
executable from a file manager and posting screen shots is not any
help for diagnosing the problem. We have all seen crash dialogs 1000s
of times..

If none of this makes sense read the winefaq and try to become more
familiar with linux and more specifically the linux terminal.

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