[Wine] Mint KDE 9: Wine problem with MS Office

Martin Gregorie martin at gregorie.org
Sat Nov 27 19:24:20 CST 2010

> I'm using version 1.2, which was already there in Mint 9 KDE when I
> installed the distro; what can I do to upgrade? I'm not  very techy or
> "command-line-guy"
Mint 9 is a bit behind the times: Mint is now on release 10. However as
Mint 9 is on long term support until April 2013 there's no need to move
to Mint 10 unless you want to.

If you don't regularly get updates from Mint, do so now: most distros
have a graphical updater so you don't need to do it at command line
level, though learning to use the command line is a very good idea
because you'll need it to trouble shoot Wine if you try to run an app
that needs some TLC to run. Its a good idea to get into the habit of
running the updater at least once a week because, unlike M$ products,
Linux packages are more or less continuously being improved.

Using the updater is pretty much a matter of starting it and watching it
run, though if you haven't done it for a while this might take some time
to get caught up with all the latest package versions. When you've done
that, let us know what version of Wine is now installed.


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