[Wine] Performance problems with bitmaphandling on mac (only)

mattsbg wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Nov 28 06:16:42 CST 2010


i am trying to get an application to run on mac. It already runs fine on linux (ubuntu and freebsd), but on mac I've severe performance issues using bitmaps. I tracked it down that it has something to do with hbitmap using the api for creating a 10 mega pixel image and saving as a bitmap file.

On windows this takes  about 1.400 ms, on ubuntu 2.000 ms but on mac approximatly 30.000 (with 100% CPU usage). I already did researches in the newsgroups and assume that there are conversions taking place. If I change the bit depth to 16 I can reduce the time to approx. 8.000 ms on mac also. 

I know that there's a project of a DIB Engine. But as it seems (studying other posts), its not compatible with mac os yet?

- I can change the source code of the app as it is an company internal app written in Delphi
- its not possible to change to 16bit bitmaps in the application as it is an imaging application
- its not possible using a GDI+ library instead, because there would be too much changes

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as I got stucked at this point.


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