[Wine] Wine fails

lithupa wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Nov 28 08:33:40 CST 2010


I installed the latest wine on my Ubuntu 10.10 OS but it doesn't function properly. I have tried several times to reinstall it but still it behaves weirdly. For example,when i click on the configure wine option,the configuration window takes 2 minutes to appear which I think is an indication of a malfunction. I recently tried to install Office 2007 using this wine i have (wine 1.3.7) but the installation process fails before it completes. Lastly, when i click on drivers in the configuration window, i get this message, 'Failed to connect to the mount manager,the driver configuration cannot be edited'
Can anyone please tell me what's wrong with my wine? and what i can do to solve the issue and make it work faster and efficiently?

P.S I already reinstalled it 11 times

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