[Wine] Mass Effect and dinput8

thorin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Nov 30 03:36:01 CST 2010


I had Mass Effect working really well awhile ago with wine 1.2. Somehow the particular prefix I used for it got deleted, and I've forgotten the magic combination I used to get it running. I was using the mouse patch from http://bugs2.winehq.org/attachment.cgi?id=25097 and had set MouseWarpOverride to force-box in the registry, as well as using winetricks to install dotnet 20, vcrun2005, physx and msxml3.

The problem I'm having is that the game graphics are painfully slow, even on the main menu, and mouse click events are often not picked up. The easiest way around this seems to be by using winetricks to install dinput8 and setting it to native. However, with this mouse movement is restricted, as in bug 6971 or bug 16822. I'm really not sure how to proceed. I've tried wine 1.3.7, 1.3.8 and 1.2 again, and I've had no luck with any of them or any combination of dinput8, the mouse patch or anything else.

I'm using ubuntu maverick 64 bit, amd 6000+ dual core cpu, a gtx260 nvidia card, and 4 gigs of ram. Thanks for any help.

Obviously, I've re-compiled wine from source each time, and I'm using this particular patch because it seems to work with mass effect 1, and it applies cleanly to all my particular versions of wine. Also using proprietary nvidia drivers.

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