[Wine] Re: Wine and RyanVM-integrator

joew wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Nov 30 09:30:13 CST 2010

Let me add more detailed infos:

RVM-integrator is a software that help to integrate hotfixes, service packs and aother thing to an installation windows CD, makeing slipstreaming procedure more simple.
It is a tool like nlite and so on...

I've tried to use rvm with wine.
The program seems work:
- I can select source directory (containing i386 subdirectory)
- I can select destination directory
- I can also select a postsp3 hotfixes pack (compressed in 7zip format)
But when I click "integrate" button, suddently an error poup up appears and return this error:

> The destination directory doesn't have enough free space for integration.
> Please select a destination directoy with enough free space.
> But I've selected a directory on an exxternal HD with mor than 300GB free space... so that error doesn't seem to have any sense...

Have you any ideas?
Have you ever tested this program under wine?
Any suggest about other tools like this one to slipstream a winxp CD?

Thank again in advance

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