[Wine] Re: Swiss Manager

BlindTiger wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Nov 30 14:27:47 CST 2010

Just had a little hardtime with the sh winetricks but then I copyed it to my home folder and all went well. 

Now the program exports the final rankings just like in windows but... ON A LINUX MACHINE!!!!

 [Twisted Evil] [Twisted Evil]  IN YOUR FACE, WINDOWS!!! [Twisted Evil]  [Twisted Evil]  

Sorry for the expasm but I had this problem in quite a while and all that was preventing me from throwing my laptops windows recovery CDs to the garbage was this program.

Finally!! The sweet taste of freedom!!!

Thank you Linux, Ubuntu, Wine, dimesio, Bob, Andrew and all that helped in solving this problem. Hey, even a special thanks to DaVince... just for caring.

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