[Wine] ASIO audio drivers for WINE?

jordan triplesquarednine at gmail.com
Sun Oct 3 21:49:17 CDT 2010

Hey Waterpump,

I use ASIO/VSTi's with wine. you should also look at using FST and
it's frontend "Festige". FST wraps you VSTi/Vstfx. You can use them
"host-less" or you can use them in a DAW that is built to handle them.

WineASIO is good for hosting "standalone apps" that are looking for
the ASIO driver, or for using a small host like VSThost(.exe) which
can host multiple VSTs)... While i would say FST is more integrated
into the Jack environment.

As for licensing, i don't think that you need it. I know you can get
the ASIO SDK just by joinging the developer portal. (i use it all the
time).  FST doesn't require any license, it's GPL.


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