[Wine] FIREWALL, Troopmaster FTP problem on Mac using Wine

Charles Davis cdavis at mymail.mines.edu
Mon Oct 4 23:57:18 CDT 2010

Hi Cindy,

On 10/4/10 10:24 PM, cdhulf wrote:
> On the Mac side, I can't see application (TroopMaster.EXE) to add to Firewall in Security.
You have to add Wine itself to that list. Mac OS X doesn't even know or
care about Windows .exe files.

Since you're running Wine from Terminal.app, you can enter the command:

  which wine

to find out where the Wine binary lives.
> On the wine side I don't know where the list would even exist.
That's because it doesn't. Wine doesn't even have a firewall built in.
It relies on your host system (in this case, Mac OS X) for that kind of
> I am using X-11 and Terminal. I have been able to add them through the
> Mac side to the Firewall.
Opening them up won't help... unless you were trying to connect to
X11.app remotely, which you obviously aren't. And Terminal.app doesn't
even use the Internet. It's just a GUI front-end to the UNIX command line.

So just make sure you add Wine to the firewall's list of exceptions and
you should be fine.


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