[Wine] Re: WinAmp

mrchaos101 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Oct 6 18:35:57 CDT 2010

BlakOpal wrote:
> Can WINE be used to run WinAmp on a Mac?
> I just recently got a Macbook Pro for school and one of my classmates suggested WINE to me to run WinAmp.

Before I do this keep in mind I am a noob and don't k now shit about Wine or Linux or Ubuntu...
That said..

Yes WinAmp runs just fine... at least it does on mine.
Go to http://www.winamp.com/media-player/en
At the top of the screen it will bitch that win amp does not work with your OS... no worries.. just click the link that says "default windows version" and Download WinAmp. 

Once I had it downloaded I opened up the WINE Browse Drive C: option in the Applications menu  and i pasted a copy of the win amp file i downloaded inside the fake windows environment.... doubt you have to do this I just do.

Right click the winamp file and open it with Wine Windows Program Loader.   Probably want to remove all the check boxes for the stupid tool bars and such that WinAmp wants to install. I also told it not to put anything int he short cut menu or desktop.

I launch my WinAmp by using the Wine Browse Drive C and open up the Program Files folder and then open up WinAMp folder and then right click the winamp.exe and launch it with wine.....

I have no problems any way. Im sure the Vets here are laughing at this post..but I know WinAmp works.

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