[Wine] Re: Office 2007 is a half ass work'n

mrchaos101 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Oct 6 22:49:58 CDT 2010

oiaohm wrote:
> t.
> Need and want are two different things......   
> Sorry mrchaos101.  Access not need its a want.  Learn to tell the difference.  Need is that the course must be taught by it by it description and there is nothing else.  You are the teacher of the course it is possible for the teacher of the course to change wants and still meet the needs of teaching the course.

Ok dude...thanks for your help but I don't NEEDE nor "WANT" to explain my life to you. No body made you come here and "help" No need to troll.

I teach CIS 145. I teach ACCESS.  I work at a State Prison where we only have ACCESS to use. I don't have the privilege to "choose" anything else. 

I NEED access to work so that I check assignments.  I don't NEED trolling.
I WANT to change over to Ubuntu because I WANT to learn something New.

I don't NEED an ass hat.

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