[Wine] Re: Getting Alibre Design to work...

Erothssen wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Oct 12 21:33:07 CDT 2010

I currently use Sexy Cooldown, but only for the pulse. The bar takes up an unnecessary amount of space on the screen(WOW Gold (http://www.storeingame.com/)), and it's not been that helpful to me. I'd rather just look at my Dominos bars to see where(Buy WOW Gold (http://www.zyy.com/)) my cooldowns lie. That way, I'm always looking in the same area. Then, I need to see enemy cast times. Cast bars are in the direct center of the screen because they are some of the most important information you can have access to as a PVP player. I don't want to be forced to look in the corner of the screen to see if someone is casting Greater Heal (Aion Gold (http://www.storeingame.com/Buy-Aion-Gold/))or Resurrection.

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