[Wine] Re: Trouble installing packages with Winetricks

doh123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Oct 14 02:40:40 CDT 2010

F_style wrote:
> Thanks for the info. Just for testing purposes I tried running Winetricks in a newly created clean prefix. I installed few random packages with "WINEPREFIX=~/newfolder winetricks", installing one by one and running the same command again after each installation, and it seemed to go well, everything affecting only this prefix. Now the point is, the Winetricks wiki says when using several prefixes it should be used this way: "env WINEPREFIX=~/newfolder winetricks nameofpackage". What is the "env" parameter for, or what does it mean? Generally, in which cases should it be used?

you don't need env in bash... I think you need that in tcsh or some other shells... can just ignore it if your using bash.

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