[Wine] Re: New to Wine

Drew0621 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Oct 14 16:18:08 CDT 2010

motub wrote:
> What would probably be of use is some further information.
> Such as what distribution of Linux, or what version of MacOS, BSD, Solaris, whatever-- you're running.
> And when you say you "downloaded" Wine, do you mean that literally? The normal procedure, if running Linux, is to install via your package manager.
> Ultimately, the idea is that you would want to install Wine, so that it can then act as an intermediary to the installation routines/runtimes of the Windows applications you would like to run under an "alien" (non-Windows) OS.
> That being the case, a downloaded package-- which might be for some other distro than what you're running-- or tarball sitting uncompiled somewhere on your HDD is not going to be of much use.
> Basically, it's hard to know how to help without knowing where precisely you're stuck, what you're not understanding about what Wine is or how to use it, or even what environment you're operating in.

and i'm trying to download limewire, and it saysing that it's saving into my downloads, but i don't see it there. and when i go into my download page on google chrome, i click it, and nothing happens...
I don't know if this is because i'm using chrome and not the stock firefox.
And I've been running Ubuntu for a while, but have never had any luck with the hacking of things to make it so i can run windows programs on here.

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