[Wine] Re: Darwine or Wine? New to Mac, Install/Uninstall/File issues.

doh123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Oct 16 13:32:16 CDT 2010

MartyWebb wrote:
> I'm currently running Mac OS X 10.6.4 Snow Leopard.
> I recently installed Darwine, and then installed a new program, Bowl Bound College Football.  Even installed the patch afterwards.  So far, so good.  
> Now my problem, is that this program creates an export file to send to a league commissioner, that they can then import.  I can't find the file path in Finder, or any of the files for the program period.  Because it'll need me to extract files every 'sim' into the folder.  
> What I'm wondering, first, is how I can find it?  I've looked at all the FAQs and wikis, and have had no luck.  
> Secondly, should I be using Wine instead?  Is there a difference?  If it helps, the version of Darwine I installed is 1.0.1 x86.
> I'll unfortunately need step-by-step help here, if possible, because this Mac boggles me.  
> Thanks,
> Marty

your "wineprefix" will be created by default with Wine or Darwine at ~/.wine ... since its a . folder its hidden to finder.  If you open up terminal and type open ~/.wine  then you'll be able to see it in a Finder window... this will have a drive_c folder and such in it that works as the C: drive

Darwine with Wine 1.0.1 is VERY old... Darwine is a dead project... no one should be using that.

Normal Wine on a Mac is all command line.

I make a program called Wineskin (http://wineskin.doh123.com/) for Macs that is focused on making a finished Mac .app Application port of Windows software, with Wine and everything it needs all bundled up inside.

Wineskin 1.x is on its way out (in the next month or two), and there are a lot of changes, so if you want to take a look at using it, you may want to try out the Wineskin 2.0 beta, though there is basically no documentation for it.  If you want to go to the Wineskin forum at portingteam.com (where you'll end up going for the Beta anyways), or to the IRC chat room there sometime, I can kind of guide you how to use it.  Basically its focused on converting a Windows app so it looks and runs as much like a Mac app as possible.  If your program runs in Wine 1.0.1 I'm sure getting a final app in Wineskin for it probably wont take but minutes.

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