[Wine] ASIO audio drivers for WINE?

jordan triplesquarednine at gmail.com
Sat Oct 16 15:30:12 CDT 2010

Hey Peter,

> WineASIO really has much more to do with JACK.  It's possible it will get into
> the JACK distribution -- though the dependency on the ASIO SDK would have to be
> managed in the build script somehow (i.e. skip wineasio if no SDK rather than
> fail to build JACK).

Why is it that WineASIO requires the ASIO SDK, while FST no longer
needs the SDK?
(FST used to require the SDK, but now uses the Vestige code, making it GPL)

Could the same not be done for WineASIO???

> (Corollary: MSWindows doesn't ship with ASIO.  You get it when you want to work
> with "pro" audio.  On Linux, the equivalent of ASIO is JACK -- so JACK should
> supply any ASIO driver.  Currently, WineASIO is sitting off to the side -- a
> bit like ASIO4ALL does on Windows.)

I suppose you are right. But one could also look at it this way.
Winetricks can install lots of things not "shipped" with Windows and
while these things aren't included directly with wine, they can be
installed with a quick script....even if you compare ASIO to JACK,
they aren't exactly the same thing.
I tend to view WineASIO more like something like a2jmidi, but where as
a2j is alsa-midi to jack-midi, WineASIO is Wine to jack..

I think the reason you will find that WineASIO is off to the side, is
because A: it requires the SDK and B: it uses alsa-midi.  If the SDK
problem could be remedied and jack-midi integrated,  i bet you would
find it in most distributions repo's or integrated in Jack...


PS:  you thought about adding jack_session???

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