[Wine] Joypad emulated for more than one player

H13N.H3N wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Oct 17 22:03:18 CDT 2010

i suspect my USB Joypad controller is controlling more than one player or in some cases (acting or having more than one instance active), acting like at least another 2 controllers connected at the same time, games like Guilty Gear Isuka/XX #Reloaded can configure the number of players/controllers for being used, while i  configure the game for use only port 1 for joypad, in the case of Guilty Geat Isuka (game for up to 4 players) i can activate 3 players at time just by configuring in-game button settings, in games like GTA III/VC/SA the result is that even configuring the controls for joypad 1, buttons for the 'phantom' joypad 2 response also, and example of this is; button 02 in Joypad 1 is set for handbrake, but button 02 for the alternative instance (joypad 2) is set for firing weapons, this is a bit annoying, not serious but very uncomfortable. Also i want to mention that i have the CD with the drivers for the controller (just for being sure it wil work as it is supposed to do) and that in the regular use with Linux it works fine (and i mean not more than one instance) this is my controller from the distributor's page: http://www.acteck.com.mx/web/prod_dt.php?id_cat=Gaming&ITEM_NO=UEGA-027

my question is, is there any way in that i can configure the number of instances for my USB Joypad in Wine? (preferably being only one as it is supposed to be XD)

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