[Wine] Re: Trouble installing packages with Winetricks

F_style wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Oct 18 12:07:50 CDT 2010

When I got the log with LINKINFO.dll messages I only had installed riched20, dcom98 and comctl32 from Winetricks. The other dlls from the log gotten with WINEDEBUG=+loaddll (in which LINKINFO.dll is not listed) were copied from a Windows XP installation, then added overrides. All this in a clean prefix. So LINKINFO could come from Winetricks, the installer, or a copied dll, I guess...

If I don't do this and just run the DBabble installer in a clean prefix I get the error message with no text, no mouse pointer over it, and no log in console at all.

And also, what about the ntdll fixme and all the other fixme messages? Do they mean something?

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