[Wine] Re: Steam Installation Errors

Bob Wya wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Oct 18 21:23:27 CDT 2010

My Steam.exe install runs like a charm on my rig... I've got a few games running really well (and some 'on the go' with issues). Even managed to get 'World In Conflict' running the other evening. The Steam client can handle restoring backups and such...

Core i7 920 @4Ghz
Nvidia 8800 GTX 768Mb

I am using the Nvidia blob driver 260.19.12 w/WINE 1.3.5.

Initially Steam used all/most of my CPU (impressive when it's a quad core CPU, clocked @4Ghz) this turned out to be caused by the Nvidia driver version I was using (from the Ubuntu repository). The latest Nvidia drivers sorted this problem out!

Remember to follow all the fix guides on the bottom of the AppDB Steam page - closely! I think it needs "winetricks IE6" as well.

WINEPREFIX is just a shell variable to allow you to use multiple "virtual" Windows installations (each installed on different paths). The main WINE program will read this variable (if it is set) and use it as the root of the Windows installation (otherwise it defaults to the standard ~/.wine/ directory).

Definitely don't d*** about with root or you'll end up with b'jorked paths for WINE... Time to remove and reinstall in this case...

You got any firewalls installed? That could be an obvious issue for network access...


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