[Wine] Re: winegcc and g++

bacchus wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Oct 24 05:49:33 CDT 2010

sorry, i misled you.

I tried to add something to kernel32 by calling a .so generated by g++.

at beginning, I wanted to link a .a. certainly, winegcc can not link a .a created by g++. 

so I switched to .so.
there was no errors in making kernel32.dll.so  

but when run "wine notepad.exe", it reported load kernel32.so failed.
a C++ function  symbol could not be resolved.

it was so strange. at last, i found the problem was in my code, there was an unused and undefined class function.
i always used  the library as .a before,so the problem was not reported.

i removed the function.the problem was gone.

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