[Wine] How to assign a drive in winecfg?

Sónia Liléo sonia.lileo at o2.se
Wed Oct 27 04:24:20 CDT 2010

Hi again!

Ignore my former question. I have managed it by creating a symlink under dosdevices to the mounted directory.

Thanks once again!

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Ämne: [Wine] How to assign a drive in winecfg?


Can anyone give me an example that shows how to change the winecfg file in order to assign a drive?

Thanks Charles and Gert for your replies!
I have mounted permanently the windows shared directory on my Linux machine.
Now I just need to assign it a drive in winecfg. Wonder how to do it...?


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Ämne: Re: [Wine] PUSHD under WINE?

On 10/26/10 10:19 AM, Sónia Liléo wrote:
> Z:\root>PUSHD //computername/Users/username/Directory
> Invalid parameter
> Is it possible to use the command PUSHD under wine on some way?
> Is the error message "Invalid parameter" related to the change from \ to /?
The real problem is that you passed a UNC path to it, which Wine doesn't
understand... yet.

What you have to do right now is mount the share somewhere on your host
OS's file system, then assign it a drive in winecfg. Then you'll have to
modify your run.bat file to refer to the drive.


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