[Wine] Re: Possible wined3d Issue

DaVince wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Oct 27 10:12:27 CDT 2010

Jinseta wrote:
> The point is to get my game to work, then the mods that go with it...
> As for using plain Wine, I had attempted to do that. Trouble is I'm still learning Linux/openSUSE. I got lost in missing dll errors. Then I had issues between the SUSE/Wine and which should I install. I figured running the game on a virtual xp would be the simplest way to go...
> I want to use Wine in the future, when I figure out how to use the thing. It was my initial hope that Wine could simply run the Win installer packages and poof - working game. 

Not always - it depends on the game. But in such a case, the best thing to do first is ask for some support here. Maybe it's a very common or simple DLL (like mfc*.dll) you needed that could have been installed using winetricks, and then the game would have run with much less hassle.

Besides this, you'll be using official Wine natively at this point. If it still runs slowly, then you can report things about the game (like terminal output) that is much likelier to help the Wine devs.

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