[Wine] System Stutters/Skips with wine Under Load

jordan triplesquarednine at gmail.com
Wed Oct 27 20:49:24 CDT 2010

hey Klavian,

> Here's what I did:
>         Compiled custom kernel with -ck1 patchset including BFS scheduler to replace CFS.
>         Configuration changes: enabled PREEMPT, upped polling from 100Hz to 1000Hz, disabled dynamic ticks

your almost setting your kernel up like you plan on doing audio work.

> Not only is the stuttering problem solved, but I feel like I have a completely different desktop.  Everything is much snappier - much quicker than Windows.  After setting the SCHED_IDLEPRIO flag on F at H, it is completely unnoticeable no matter what else I run.  This is how a desktop should be.  The only downside is that the system uses about 20% more power at idle (without CnQ + C1E).  However, since I fold 24/7, it's never idle anyway.

It's sounds like your problem, wasn't even Wine related, and that you
were having kernel and priority issues.
The power consumption is a bit wierd, as i do not experience that,
from those patch sets.

I use the BFS patchset, as it is included in Zen-kernel
(www.zen-kernel.org).   you should check it out. you can also setup
"schedtools" with SCHED_ISO applied to X by default, right in the
.config (menuconfig).   You may also find that certain applications
will benefit from using SCHED_ISO.  Examples would be
Jack-audio-connection-kit, I use it with "mypaint" and any Wine
application that seems to not be keeping up.

it keeps everything nice and smooth.


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