[Wine] DPI slider

arthur1950 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Sep 1 06:36:55 CDT 2010

Hello there,

I installed Championship Manager 01/02 using the brilliant Wine on my Ubuntu 10.04.1 system. It installed fine, but when I was in the game the mouse wasn't visible at all. I thought it may have been a graphics issue so started fiddling with the graphics settings in the wine configuration menu. As part of this experimentation I moved the dpi slider right up to maximum and applied the changes. Now of course all the text in the configuration menu is enormous and my screen isn't big enough to get down to the bottom to bring the slider back to minimum. 

I have tried completely removing and reinstalling Wine itself using the packae manager, but the problem remains. Is there a config file somewhere that I can edit and change a number, or perhaps an even easier fix?

Thank you,


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