[Wine] Help with installing photoshop cs4

DAVE LEMSING david_lemsing at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 1 20:35:01 CDT 2010

 Hi i have just started using linux... swaped over from XP
I have a leagle copy of Photoshop cs4....
It is installed on V-Box
I am running Mint 9 - Gnome standard 32 bit....
I have tried to follow the instructions...
Also hunted posts, google etc
I have tried with the latest wine...
Also with wine 1.1.19, with wine 1.1.17 & wine 1.1.23
Each time i start fresh... install the winetricks..    as follows... 

sh winetricks msxml6 gdiplus gecko vcrun2005 ie6 dcom98i aslo have added the atmlib.dll as native 
i run the command in a terminal....   LANG=C wine Setup.exeThe photoshop installer fires up... but then tells me it needs html rendering & will install GECKO.... but it is installed ????then it downloads the package.. 
then it prints in the teminal...  something like... Failed.. Rendering will be disabled....Then it just stalls....even if i leave it over-night ??????Can some one PLEASE help me..... this Linux stuff is driving me Crazey.. :(

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