[Wine] Re: Wine distro with MS WOS look and feel

mitcoes wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Sep 3 05:46:00 CDT 2010

The idea is to make some windows gamers play with a wine oriented distro and feel good.

The XPDE project itself makes the ilegal objections posts irrelevant.
But I do like Gnome.

My idea is a distro where you can execute a desktop as a wine program to use wine with a MS WOS desktop interface.

And where the Gnome interface can be configured in an easy and OPTIONAL way to look as MS WOS (there are packages that changes the look and feel)

XPDE is OK, but it has it own wm and, sure is not a s good as Gnome or KDE.

Or even better a DVD distro with all the MS WOS free and OS games with folders in the Gnome desktop with links to the games, and some linux games too.

Quakelive is as good as in MS WOS.

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