[Wine] Re: Installing on to Wine from disk

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Sep 3 08:24:39 CDT 2010

mike0liver wrote:
> I also checked the version of Wine that I am running - it is 1.1.42.
> I then went to WineHQ website to download version 1.20 but, when I clicked on the Ubuntu vesion I'm using (10.04 LTS), I was warned that the Wine download for this was a Beta version and unreliable and that I might be better off staying with the version that came with my Ubuntu package.

That warning is for packages for the development branch (1.3.x). 1.2 is the current stable release; 1.1.42 is an old development release, and no longer supported. If you want help here, upgrade to 1.2 or later.

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