[Wine] Re: can't install microsoft office 2007

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Sep 3 20:53:37 CDT 2010

> Can you tell me how to disable dw20.exe in the cfg window? I only see the remove option. 

Type dw20.exe in the box, and click Add. Select dw20.exe from the list, click Edit, select (Disable), click OK, then click Apply.

> You mentioned a thread on the Ubuntu forums, but I couldn't find it, do you have a link for it


danielsender wrote:
> Something quite interesting. I found in the office another system with Lucid 10.04, the same wine version (1.1.42). 

You said in your initial post you were using 1.2. Which is it? If it's 1.1.42, you need to upgrade. 

> I placed the CD, ran the setup.exe and it opens the installation window!!! This system already has office 2007 installed. So I looked into the cfg file of wine, and found in the libraries the following "Existing overrides:"
> gdiplus (native)
> msvcrt (native, builtin)
> msxml3 (native, builtin)
> riched20 (native, builtin)
> riched32 (native, builtin)

The only override on that list that is necessary is riched20, and that's not needed for the installer. 

> So I went back to my system and using "winetricks" I downloaded these libraries. When I checked in my cfg window, all these libraries are now there but their names have an asterisk, e.g.:
> *msxml3 (native, builtin), etc.

Delete ~/.wine and start over with a clean wineprefix, using Wine 1.2 or newer. 

> My question is:
> what could make the difference between these 2 machines?

How would I know? It's your computer.

You didn't answer my question about which edition of Office you have.

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