[Wine] Weird sound tick in game World of Warcraft

jordan triplesquarednine at gmail.com
Sat Sep 4 16:46:36 CDT 2010

Have you guys tried playing with "nice values"???

ie:  "sudo renice -10 -n game.exe"

or by going to "system monitor" right-clicking on the application, and
changing the nice values there.
I have read places that people have sped up games, or fixed audio
problems this way.

have applied various registry Wine tweaks???

and disabled wine's debugging?  ie:  WINEDBG=-all

all of these things could be contributing to the clicks you are hearing.

you could also try disabling the pulseaudio daemon. i think the
command is "pasuspender" typed on the commandline before executing the
game.  - if you think it is pulseaudio related. which it could be..

just some thoughts, i don't use wine for games. but i do use wine a
lot, and have stumbled into similar problemsm now and again.


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