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DAVE LEMSING david_lemsing at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 4 23:19:50 CDT 2010

 Hi All
just wanted to share the news...
Yes i have got Photoshop CS4 extended installed on Mint 9. Gnome 32 bit...
What a drama.. I had followed the instructions on the WineHQ page..
but no joy... So i switched back up to the latest wine 1.3.2. ang got to whereit would at least start the installer :)
but it would not install from the Autorun.exe when installing from within the Adobe CS4 folder it would say the database tree is incorrect, Install from original media. :(
After posting on the mint forum i got this short message.. "try PlayOnLinux, they have a script to install CS4"
Cool so i tried this PlayOnlinux and after altering the script a bit to just make a new wine prefix. And install wine 1.1.17 then add-in the winetricks msxml6 gdiplus gecko vcrun2005 ie6 dcom98  as per the wineHQ instructions.
Then restarted the playOnLinux. went to TOOLS - Autorun and selected the Autorun.exe in the root directory of the install DVD, and away it went.
Did have dramas with it though, after the initial setup progress-bar you get the first window... But it only had the 2 buttons nothing else.. But i knew from installing it on XP Virtual box this was the product key window..
so i blindly typed in the first 4 digets the tab the next 4 etc.. the clicked next... that got me to the Accept or Decline...   so ACCEPTED as you have to or no install.
then it went about its business.. invisibly i might add.... could just here the disk getting read.... then it was finished.. YES YES..
then went in to PlayOnLinux and changed the system up to wine 1.3.2.. got it to install Gecko etc for me... And all is good...
P.S you need to copy over the atmlib.dll to the windows System32 folder and register it in wine config.... Just like in the wineHQ instructions... this is to stop crashing when using the Text Tool...
Very Happy Now.... have tested most of the common features with good success will finish testing soon....
Hope this Helps some one.... as it took me almost 2 weeks & many hick-ups to get it working....
Last thisg.. IF Gimp was up to 16 bit colour & was not so Foreign for any one who has used PhotoShop... I would not have Bothered with this exercise

Good Luck 
from DAVE

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